East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2017


The East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting (EAYAM) was first organized in 2003 to promote interaction and collaboration between young astronomers in East Asia. The success of the initial meeting in Taiwan was followed by EAYAM 2006 in Japan, EAYAM 2008 in China, EAYAM 2011 in Korea, and EAYAM 2015 in Taiwan. We are pleased to announce that EAYAM 2017 will once again be held in Japan, between November. 14-17, 2017, at the ART HOTEL ISHIGAKIJIMA in the Ishigaki island, Okinawa.

Graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to participate -- especially those who are either originally from, or currently work in the East Asia region. All participants are expected to give either an oral or a poster presentation to stimulate discussion and interaction. Following the abstract submission deadline (Jul. 31), the SOC will select the oral presentations for the final program.

Important Dates

Registration open: May 15, 2017 (TBD)
Registration close: July 31, 2017 (Closed!)
Welcome reception: 6pm on November 13, 2017
Talk session starts: Novermber 14, 2017

Invited Speakers

Registration fee

No conference registration fee.

Conference Poster

SOC & LOC Members


H.Fujiwara (NAOJ, Japan)
P-Y. Hsieh (ASIAA, Taiwan)
T-H. Hsieh (NTHU/ASIAA, Taiwan)
K. Ichikawa (NAOJ/Columbia Univ., Japan; co-chair)
W. Kwon (KASI, Korea)
R. Li (NAOC/CAS, China)
X. Li (NAOC, China)
P. Scicluna (ASIAA, Taiwan)
K. Wong (NAOJ, Japan; co-chair)
S-C. Yoon (SNU, Korea)
H. Yu (KIAA/CITA, China)


H. Fujiwara (NAOJ, Japan)
H. Hanayama (NAOJ, Japan; chair)
K. Ichikawa (NAOJ/Columbia University, Japan; chair)
T. Kawamuro (NAOJ, Japan)
M. Omiya (NAOJ, Japan)
K. Sekiguchi (NAOJ, Japan)


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